7 Sneaky SEO Tricks You Can Learn From CRO Pros

cro seo tricks

Ultimately, you want people to convert.

You don’t want them to find your website and bounce. And you definitely don’t want them to click to your landing page, read the copy, and leave because it wasn’t convincing.

More than anything, though, you don’t want your target market to go to the competition because they can’t find you in the first place.

This means two things.

  1. You need your website to show up in Google search results.
  2. You need to optimize your landing page for conversions.

As we’ll discuss shortly, those two goals are more closely related than meets the eye.

And that’s a good thing. That means that you can potentially knock out two birds with one stone.

According to our SEO Company in Brampton, in the complicated SEO environment that marketers find themselves in, you need every trick at your disposal.

Just consider the rise of voice search.…